Life’s been fun.  During Shabbat service on Saturday they did the baby dedication for Elijah:
Then, after service we had a mikveh:

After that I headed to Gma & Gpa C’s for lunch with the family.  It was nice just hanging out.

Gerry created some masks out of Construx:

That evening we had Chavurah at shul, and Lynne shared about her trip to Israel.  It was really cool seeing all the pictures and hearing about some of the places.  I also got to meet Ami, a secular Israeli from Arad whom one of the couples in our Chavurah had met in one of the malls here in CO.  When Lynne and her family were in Israel they had the chance to meet Ami’s parents and deliver some things to them for him.  I had a great time just hanging out with everyone that night, and had lots of laughs with Emily.

Sunday was a veg out day, which was needed.

Yesterday evening we had our Ladies Night Out.  We had a pajama party and watched my favorite movie in the world, “Ushpizin”   Before the pj party started, I saw Chris and some of his friends and was able to hang out a bit…and I met another Israeli guy, though I don’t remember his name….mainly I was concerned about getting the guys cleared out of the building so the ladies in pj’s wouldn’t feel uncomfortable….Anyway, I think all us ladies had a good time. 

Tomorrow is the seniors last day here at school….it’s so strange to think Janna won’t be here anymore….and that Bobby will be here next year!  Wow, I feel old…Anyway, a class is coming in, so I’d better go.

Shalom, shalom!


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  1. I remember doing masks with Construx at one point long ago, but we were very soon back to ships and robots :)Is Brianna wearing glasses in that picture? I didn’t realize she wore them…


  2. I’m Charlie Brown! I don’t call my mother all that often, though, heh heh. But I do email my father in law a lot, does that count? Thank you for the beautiful picture you posted! Hope your week’s been going well; boy am I going to miss this site this summer . . .


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