On Shabbat, Joshua had his Bar Mitzvah B’Yeshua…..I was so proud of him!  He did a great job leading the service, he did wonderful with the Hebrew, and his ‘sermon’ (if that’s what you call it) was very relevant.  We also had the special treat of having Marty Goetz at the service, and I ended up teaching his wife one of our line dances. 

Saturday evening, Janna graduated from high school….*tear*  I’ll miss having her around Kennedy (and I’ll miss Davina and Eric too!)  One of my old classmates was sitting behind me at the graduation, but from the polite “who are you?” look on her face, I’m guessing she didn’t remember me…..After the ceremony, we (me, Janna, Mom, & Dad) went to Village Inn for dinner.  While there, they teamed up with the family of another graduate to cause her to hide beneath the table….poor Kellyann!

Sunday afternoon I helped Corinne & Zach with their wedding invitations, stuffing envelopes and such.  I enjoyed getting to hang out with them (as well as both of their moms). 

This week is finals week, so my lab is closed so I can get it ready for the summer…this means cleaning, covering all the computers, locking up the headphones and such, and working on inventory files.  I don’t like the cleaning part, but the rest of it is a nice change from having the students in here….


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