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Did you know that authentic mozzarella cheese is usually made out of water buffalo milk?  And water buffalo has now officially been deemed ‘kosher’ by the Chief Rabbi in Israel….Just some random facts I learned today.

203 of the 321 minutes I used on my cellphone last month were on the phone with Debbie.  I really hope Debbie has plenty of minutes on her cellphone…..that would stink if I made her go over….

Last week Christine came and visited me at work twice…I feel special.

Shabbat was nice….Friday night I ended up hanging out with Becky, Rachel, and Heather outside after service.  We were extremely hyper, and at one point I was laughing so hard that I began to cry.  Oh, and I now have 3 new pieces of Becky’s sock fuzz for my collection….we had ‘bloop’ and ‘purpleogy’, now we also have ‘pinklogic’, ‘greep’, and our Romanian sock fuzz, ‘yellonia’…..yeah, someday my grandkids will be looking though my happy books and asking why I have colorful little fuzzies taped inside (and then will ask each other why I’m not ‘in a home’)….

After service Saturday morning we had a meal oneg in honor of everyone who helped with the renovation…all the food was SOOO good!  And my new “Roeh Israel Construction Team” keychain is fun

After oneg, I took Emily over to ‘the other Pearces’ for Joshua’s birthday party.  We all hung out and had lots of fun.  Anna made a ‘kitty litter’ cake for him, which was pretty good….

After that, I headed to ‘the Pearces’ and watched “Inspector Gadget” with Scott, Anna, and Elijah (yeah, like Elijah was really watching…….  fyi, he’s not even a month old)….Elijah fell asleep in my arms, which was sweet….We also hung out talking after the movie, so I didn’t get home until about 12:30am.

Yesterday I didn’t do much except a little cleaning around my apartment and my laundry over at my parents house.  Now it’s back to work as usual.  Only 3 more weeks until school is out!  I’d better figure out what I’m doing for the summer….

Attack of the Birthday Parties II

Saturday evening I went to a surprise party for Christopher and Alyshia.  Their aunt had put the whole thing together at the request of Anna and Scott, who were too busy with the new baby to be able to do it themselves.  ‘Gram’ was in town from Texas, and stayed home when they went out to dinner ‘because of a headache’….before they left, Alyshia jokingly told Gram “now don’t go throwing any wild parties while we’re gone”  hahaha, little did she know….

Everyone worked it out so that they either parked at Kim & Craig’s and then were ‘shuttled’ over by Kim, or on the next street over so that there were no extra cars outside the house.  The house was full of people, laughing and eating, waiting for their return from dinner.  About 10-15 minutes before they were scheduled to return we turned off the lights and waited in darkness…but they didn’t get there for half an hour   I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on, seeing all these people go into this house, then it grows dark, then they see lots of little glowing lights moving around (as everyone kept getting out their cellphones) and a glowing “Cereal Killer” shirt

When they got back from dinner, Christopher rung the doorbell for Gram to come open the door…hahaha, that’s the first surprise party I’ve been to where that happened!  Anyway, she opened it like normal, but as Christopher was walking in we turned on the lights, dropped the balloons on his head, and yelled “surprise”.  He was shocked, but kept walking in, while Alyshia tried to escape back out the door because she was so freaked out…  It took her awhile to calm down, and the rest of the night she vowed that someday her dad will pay for this….  Anyway, it was lots of fun, and was probably the most successful surprise birthday party I’ve ever been to.

After everyone else left, I ended up hanging out with Scott and Anna.  We watched a few episodes of Nickelodeon’s pop-up ‘Brady Bunch’….if you aren’t familiar with this, they show regular episodes of whatever show, but little pop-up things come up on the screen giving trivia facts about the actors, what they thought of the things in the episode, etc….Some of it was pretty entertaining, which is probably the only reason I was able to actually sit through 3 episodes of it…

After 4 short hours of sleep, I got up for Shachrit and prayer breakfast.  It was really good, but my body was literally shaking from exhaustion, and anytime I stood up I felt like I was going to fall over…luckily I never did, but had to sit down often, instead of standing the whole time like I usually do (shachrit prayers usually take us about 2 hours).  Towards the end of breakfast Barry & JoAnn showed up, and I ended up hanging out afterwards with Barry as JoAnn worked on editing things for Bill’s siddur. 

After that, I went over to the Youngs for Jonathan’s birthday party (since his birthday was during Passover he hadn’t had a party yet).  We ate, went to the park to play soccer, and just had a good time in general.  It was nice to be able to just hang out.

Tomorrow is my Gpa’s birthday, but I think he’ll still be in the hospital in rehab from his knee replacement surgery.  Today is Joshua’s birthday, and I think his party will be on Sunday afternoon, so that will be fun.  This month looks like it’s going to be pretty busy, with lots of birthdays, graduations, and a bar mitzvah!  I’ll try to post about them as they take place, but the end of the school year is also quickly approaching, so soon I won’t have internet access….

Anyway, hope everyone’s week is going well.

Yesterday I worked a 10 hour day with no breaks whatsoever…so by the time I left work, did my grocery shopping, and got home, I was ready to collapse.

If I’m not way too tired tonight, I’ll finally upload the pictures from this weekend off of my digital camera and write a post about it tomorrow.