Audience Participation Time

Okay, so after a discussion I had with one of my married guy
friends recently, I’ve been thinking about something, and want to hear what
everyone’s opinion is on the subject.

As we talked, the issue of pursuing ministry came up, and of
the idea of just up and moving to another country was discussed.  (Specifically we spoke about Israel, but the
place could be different for you.) 

Anyway, the guy’s perspective was “If I wasn’t married, if I
didn’t have any family responsibilities, I wouldn’t hesitate to move.  I wouldn’t care if I ended up homeless, I’d
find a way to get by.  But with a family
I wouldn’t do that.”

My perspective was “If I were married, I’d have no problem
doing that.  Even if we ended up
homeless, I could cope if my husband was there with me.  As a single woman, I don’t think I could
ever do that, not alone.  And if I were
married with children, I’d have a hard time with it out of concern for the
children, but could probably handle it.”

Now I’m not talking about just moving to another state, but
to another country, where you don’t know anyone and don’t speak the
language.  I know plenty of women who
have moved around the U.S. on their own, and I think that actually, according
to the poll on Christianity Today’s Singles website, a higher percentage of men
were still living at home than women….but that’s besides the point….

Anyway, in this situation I think the main difference is
that women tend to worry about their future the most when they are single
because too much responsibility is on their own shoulders concerning their
future.  Once they are married they feel
safer because the husband acts as the priest of the home and shoulders more of
the responsibility, and she can let go of the worry.  At the same time, when a man is single he doesn’t worry much, if
at all, about his future and is willing to take bigger risks.  But once he’s married, he feels a tremendous
amount of responsibility, knowing that his wife is depending on him to care for
her, and thus is slower to take risks.

So, what do all of you think about this?  Have you seen this to be true in your own
life?  Can you give examples of it?  Or has your experience totally contradicted
this?  Let the comments begin!


So, right now I’m trying to do something with my myspace account that I’ve never used, but I’m so frustrated….all I keep getting is a slow network and error messages!  Grr!  I like xanga SOOO much more, but I have friends on myspace that I want to contact, too.

Anyway, this weekend was rockin.  Yes, I just said ‘rockin’.  Deal with it. 
Since Burt & Bill were both out of town this weekend, Rich preached on Friday night.  He cracked me up.  I like his style, even if he tells really stupid puns.  The p&w time was great, too.  Oh, and my friend Courtney was finally back, with news that she’s engaged!  Man, things happen so quickly sometimes.  Shabbat morning Greg Catlin preached, shocking any visitors and many in the Congregation by cussing in the middle of the sermon, deliberatly, twice….yeah, I wasn’t too happy about that one….

After service I rushed home because a guy from Big Brothers, Big Sisters was supposed to come and tow away my car at 12:30….but he didn’t come til 3.   Then I rushed over to Scott & Anna’s to meet up with Anna, and we drove across town to my grandparents house to pick up their minivan for me to drive until I find a new car.  By the time we got back to her place, most of the day had been spent, but we found time to decorate a special poster for Kim & Craig’s garage….….Hopefully Anna will get me a copy of the pictures so I can post them and you can see why I giggle at this.

Alyshia & Bethany rode with me to Chavurah at Evan’s, with Scott, Anna, & Elijah following behind.  I went inside, and they stayed outside to set up Larry.  Does everyone remember Larry?  If not, go here.  They amazingly did manage to set him up without anyone noticing, so later it caused a bit of a fright when Steve announced to Evan that there was a guy sitting on his porch.    Most of the girls were like, “there’s a guy on the porch?  Oh no!”….now, you have to realize that Evan lives in a neighborhood where you very well may have a random drunk guy show up on your porch, so I guess they had a right to freak out.  I just thought it was amusing…..

Aside from the fun aspects of the night, I have to mention that G-d is really moving in my heart at the young adult Chavurah….I just can’t get over the change in the group since the couple of times I had visited when it had just started up.  G-d is amazing!  And I truly do feel like I’m moving into one of those ‘desert seasons’ (as Debra prayed over me last Monday), where it will just be me and G-d, dealing with my junk, growing more intimate with Him…if I can keep my focus.  Yup, those of you who know specifically what I mean by that, please continue to pray.  I’m very excited about what G-d is doing in my life!

Yesterday was extra nice.  My friend Tamar called me back to let me know that she also feels peace about the prospect of finding an apartment together, so we’ll begin that process this week.  Then the Youngs called me and said they may have found a car for me, so I’m looking into that.  I’m very excited!  Besides talking to Tamar and Emily, I also talked to my sister, Debbie, and to Anna and Christine yesterday….I felt like my phone was going to overheat or something….

So, now I’m at my parents house, doing laundry, and I’ll go back and try to do something with my MySpace again…


Yesterday I tried to work things out to trade cars around so Anna could have hers back, but it didn’t happen.  But I did end up going over to the Youngs because of it, so it’s all good.

I’m so glad that it’s almost Shabbat…

Anyone know of any good apartments in Denver?

I’m doing well after the accident last week.  After the first couple of days, my shoulder started hurting really bad, and got worse everyday.  Monday after work I went to Kaiser to get it checked out, and the doctor just told me to up my dosage of ibuprofen.  After that, I went to the Healing Rooms (a ministry that joins with you specifically for prayer for healing, whether physical, emotional, etc.), and when they prayed over my shoulder the pain left, it stopped popping when I moved it around, and the pain has not come back.  Baruch HaShem.

Anyway, Monday I ended up seeing several people that I knew from Praise Church, and I talked to my good friend, Shawna, who still goes there.  She’s leaving town in a month to do an internship at IHOP-KC, so we’re going to try to hang out as much as possible between now and then.  Because of that, Tuesday evening I went to Praise Church’s prayer service.  It was great to see some of those friends again, and me and Shawna had fun hanging out afterwards.

I’m still looking for a new car, as well as a new apartment.  In the past week I’ve visited 8 or 9 apartments after work, and I’ve also looked through tons of apartments online, but I still haven’t found anything.  It’s getting really frustrating.

Yesterday one of the apartments I went to look at was near Scott & Anna’s, so I stopped by there after leaving the apartments.  We hung out for a while, then went over to Kim & Craig’s for dinner.  It was great to just de-stress.  I’m so thankful for friends like that, who don’t mind if I just show up at their house.  After dinner the dance people left, and I ended up hanging out talking to Craig for a couple of hours.  It was great to hear a father’s perspective on things, and to just get to know him better.  We talked about a variety of things, like dating vs. courtship, incidents with guys with bad motives at shul, ministry, jobs, finances, disciplining children, family life, etc.

This week at work I’m just working on getting everything set up in my room, changing passwords on the computers, and things like that.  Nothing exciting, but I’m glad that I’ll finally be getting a regular paycheck again (but my first one won’t come until the end of September), and that I have internet access during the week.

Anyway, pray for me in my search for an apartment, and in my search for a car.  I really want to get Anna’s car back to her, and thus Dan’s car back to him, and Floyd’s car back to him….I feel like such an inconvenience sometimes!  *sigh*  Anyway, if any of you are reading this, thank you thank you thank you!  Your kindness is a blessing!

Oh, and today Janna left for Kansas.  I’ll miss her and her bell on imminent presence, or whatever she calls it….But now Debbie gets her for a while, so that’s good for Debbie.


Looking young?

I work at a high school, and today I went out to lunch with my sister, Janna, since she was visiting before she heads off to college on Thursday.  Anyway, as we were heading out to her car at the school, there was a group of students sitting around by one of the trees.  One of the guys was cussing really loud, making a scene.  You could hear him all the way across the grounds, so I yelled at him to watch his language as we got nearer to where he was.  Instead, he got louder and continued to curse.  When I got within about 15 feet, I stopped and said “You do realize that I work here, don’t you?”  The look on his face changed instantly, from ‘I’m so cool and you can’t make me do anything’ to ‘oh no, I’m in huge trouble’….Then he started making excuses…”But you look so young, I thought you were a student!  You should take that as a compliment!”….hehehe, it was so funny! I felt so powerful

A Quick Update

Lots of stuff has happened in the past few weeks…but whether or not I’ll post about them today is still up in the air.  Yesterday I got in an accident, and today I’m stiff and sore, especially my neck, which is causing me a massive headache.   I have to go to court because of the accident, and the court date is set for during the Days of Awe…seems ironic, having to go stand before a judge during that time, pleading my case….
Anyway, if my head isn’t hurting too bad later, I’ll get on and post about the good stuff in my life.  Otherwise, look to see me begin posting regularly again within the next week, as I’ll be back at work.  Shalom!