Some more good tidbits from the weekend:

  • Pretty much every verse that Troy mentioned during the Bible study at Chavurah were verses I had taken note of while reading the passages earlier that day….and then, at the morning Yom Kippur service, Bill used most of those same verses at the beginning of his sermon! 
  • Hanging out with the family at mom & dad’s on Sunday….Ger & Jen stopped by with the girls, and we had a great time sitting outside talking
  • Lots of hugs from Burt
  • Praying and singing with Lynne until about 4am on Yom Kippur. (so Sunday night/Monday morning)
  • Our afternoon midrash session….I always feel bad for enjoying it so much on a day appointed to afflict our souls, but….
  • Jay saying “I’m gonna shove sap right up your branch”
  • “….like television…”
  • Breaking the fast together as a congregation
  • Troy calling Dave a punk when he hijacked his plate of food after we broke the fast (really Stevetta stole the plate, she just brought it to Dave so it would be hidden at a different table )
  • Me and Jay’s new response to mosquitos….


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