I finally got the new top for my convertible, so I didn’t get rained on this morning. yay!  The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday, so I put the top down for the day….

Today, however, is cold and rainy, and it’s supposed to snow tonight, so that will make sleeping in the sukkah all the more fun….
So, now we’re in the intermediate days of Sukkot (my all-time favorite festival!!!!), and it’s gonna be one dinner party after another!  Tonight the Yopearceows are getting together at the ‘Other Pearces’ sukkah for dinner, which should be fun.  Then tomorrow night we’re having the Prezkutas, the Bergs, and the Coulters (?) over for dinner in our sukkah (and when I say ‘we’ or ‘our’, I’m referring to me and the Youngs, since I’m staying in their sukkah), and we’ll have another big group over Thursday night.
Last night we brought the TV out to the sukkah and watched “Ushpizin”, which rocked!  What could be better than watching an excellent Israeli film about Sukkot in our sukkah during Sukkot?  Unfortunately, I was so tired that I fell asleep during it, and would only wake up when Rachel asked me a question about it…..Anyway, here are some pictures of our sukkah:

The decorated sukkah, complete with our traditional ‘Hut Sweet Hut’ sign

Thomas rejoicing in the sukkah , with Abby & Rachel in the background

Chavurah on Saturday was lots of fun.  We met in the Golosows sukkah, and did some p&w time, a short Bible study, then had a couple of people share their testimony.  Then we prayed, had havdalah, and ate dinner, ending the night just hanging out laughing and talking.  Tamar came, and brought 2 new friends with her, so I had 3 guests there.   One of the coolest things about that is that one of Tamar’s guests lives in our apartment complex, so G-d is already opening doors for us to minister to our neighbors.  She didn’t meet her there at the apartment, but through a new person at her church, getting the ‘this is a friend of a friend of a friend’ thing going on for me…

Sunday morning we had our traditional 2nd day of Sukkot service at Roeh, and then did kiddush and had a small oneg in the Congregational sukkah:

I must say, the 2nd best line of the day was when Barry looked at me and said “It smells like citrus in here”, then realized it was because of the etrog (the traditional citrus used as part of fulfilling the commandment in Leviticus 23:40)….

The best line of the day had to be when Hannah ate a chunk of tomato off Thomas’ face (he had just eaten spaghetti and had sauce all over his face), and Thomas yelled “Hey! That was mine!”  Man, I was laughing SO hard!!!!

Chag Sameach!!!!


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  1. I know it’s not pronounced that way, but I’d have a hard time not saying “sukkah” with a Mr. T accent.I pity the fool who doesn’t respect my sukkah.


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