YoPearceOws Sukkot Dinner

So last night we went to the “other Pearce’s” house for dinner.  Since it was so cold and rainy we didn’t eat out in the sukkah, but they decorated the dining room to have a Sukkot feel to it.

the decorated dining room
Some of the group played pictionary after dinner

But I didn’t….but I kept myself plenty entertained.  One of the ladies from shul had given Kim a giant bag full of yarn and different crochet projects in various stages of completion….you could tell the woman had been a beginner, as we couldn’t even tell what certain things were supposed to be….but that made for lots of laughter and fun!

Hannah and the massive bag-o-yarn…
take note, the thing on her head is a doll dress

Hannah & Micah

“I wanna stay, I wanna work….”

I know you’re jealous of my awesomely cool hat, ear warmers, and nose warmer,
but they’re mine, and you can’t have them…..

Jonathan sporting a cool new sweater, hats, and a nose warmer of his own


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