Another Dinner Party

Last night we had the Prezkutas over for dinner, as well as the Bergs, the Coulters, and Glen.  It was a lot of fun just sitting around talking and eating.  We had Stephanie’s chili, which is always excellent, and I’m sure Davie was really happy about that (since he wants to eat chili 3 times a day when he grows up and gets married ).  I really don’t have many specifics to write about, except that we broke out into a medley of VeggieTales songs during dinner again this year…So here are some pictures:

Our expanding sukkah!

                        Jessie & Abby                                                                                   Corinne & Zach

                          Elianna, Rachel, & Colleen                                                                 Bill & Betty

                        Josiah & Jessie                                                                    Emily & Abby

                                           Glen                                                                               Sarah, Micaela, & Hannah


Abby & Hannah                                                                                                Thomas


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